Madrone Adventist Elementary School

Building bridges in the Illinois Valley while teaching our students to thrive in their world.

Our Staff

Michael James

Position: Principal/Educator
Phone: 458-220-4880 - cell


Search & Forensic Investigations
Wilderness Living - Tom Brown, Jr. Tracker School
Native Horsemanship - Curtis Wright
Self-Defense - DanZan Ryu Kodenkan Jujitsu, Apache Wolverine Fighting, CQC USA WWII


Highest Degree: BS Recreation emphasis in Youth Leadership
Major Field: Education - Multi-subject, endorsements in Physical Education, History/Geography, Bible/Religions
College Where Earned: Pacific Union College


Mr. James is a man of many talents due to his intrigue with life and learning. While still in grade school, he and his brother started T&M Lawncare Services. Mr. James ran the entire business alone once his brother moved onto high school. Mike has been a wilderness survival instructor, Native horsemanship instructor, and self-defense instructor. He's also worked as the Wilderness Department instructor and later the director of the department for a decade at Camp Wawona, Yosemite National Park.

Mike graduated from Pacific Union College with a Recreation degree, emphasizing in youth leadership and later added a multi-subject teaching certificate. Among the work he pursued during college and after consisted of: construction, tree feller, and aspiring arborist. He then spent 10 years teaching in classrooms around California, Alaska, New Mexico’s Navajo reservation, and Colorado before moving back to the Oregon territory of is youth.

During his travels and places of employ, he was asked to start up his adventure series trainings as a business. On one of these trainings, he met his wife, Trishonna. It was during one of his wilderness survival courses that he enlisted her help in teaching the group about awareness by camouflaging into the natural surroundings of the Trinity Mountains. They continue to enjoy spending time in the beauty and depths of creation.

Lyana Wallace

Position: Pre-K/Kindergarten teacher

Chris Harwood

Position: Administrative Assistant/Teachers Aid
Phone: 408-813-7053 - cell


Highest Degree: BA
Major Field: Health Administration, RN


Ms. Chris is an amazing addition to our team here at Madrone. Not only is she a teaching aid and administrative assistant, but she is also a nurse and mentor to the students. Chris worked as a nurse for 42 years in California, before retiring and moving to Oregon with her family. After the passing of her husband Chris felt a need to help her community. As a local church member she felt moved to start volunteering and filling the need for more help at the school. That turned into becoming good friends with the teacher and falling in love with the students. Chris now has worked for the school fulltime since 2019.

Liva Trethewey

Position: Substitute Teacher's Aid